She knows they seek to help, She knows they want to care, But there is a hatred deep inside of her, she knows they do not share, They wake with not a thought, they sleep with not a care. Their minds without obsession, of thoughts without despair. In envy she lay, in the shadows she … More she

She is Ireland

She shined of green and gold, her fiery red locks sat upon her shoulders heavy and strong.  Was she truly as blinding as the distant sun?  They watched her in a mixture of great joy and wander.  The smiles, the wide eyes, here lies an infectious scene, as she glides, as she dances so delicate … More She is Ireland

With an anchor of sanity, I swim with this supposed vanity. But how did I ever learn to swim, my memories tell me it was on a whim. Memories of the waves beneath, visions of the world so bleak. My wings fall under, the sailors sing.. ‘Oh what a blunder.’ Their soft sweet tongues mirror … More

Bad Days

As a person who would never really choose to label herself an absolute pessimist or an absolute optimist, today I find myself having what plenty of people might commonly refer to as a ‘bad day.’ Now I am no positive person, in fact if I’m honest, I’d probably give myself 40% pessimism, 40% optimism and 20% … More Bad Days

A Piece on Paris

(As you will probably notice, I wrote most of this in the early hours of last Saturday morning, hence the use of the past tense.) Well, although it has certainly been a while since I last posted, tonight truly has me feeling more than a little obligated to speak. I am shook by what has … More A Piece on Paris

Music is the soul

So here I am again after a few weeks of nothing, well no writing that is. Honestly, if anything these last few weeks have been far from nothing to my life. A tragedy has hit our family, one that truly embodies the very epitome of the word, and despite the whirlwind of emotions, somehow it … More Music is the soul